Staples band members perform at the

Westport Pops Concert,

Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts


Music is a joy to study and experience, and a well-cared for instrument makes this possible.  A musical instrument is a substantial investment in time and money. We encourage you to take the necessary steps to ensure its proper maintenance and security. The following statement explains the responsibility of parents and students regarding student-owned instruments.


Musical instruments owned by students are not covered by the school for theft, loss or damage. Such coverage is the responsibility of the parent and can be provided through the parents’ homeowners policy, a rider on such policy, or through insurance purchased from the retailer or through such providers as Clarion Insurance


Some music stores include insurance with rentals, or make it available at a reasonable cost. Some even cover repairs through their offered insurance. We encourage you to investigate this option.


Students are welcome to store their instruments at school during the school day; Staples has adequate storage.  However, it is encouraged that instruments be taken home at the end of the day. Instruments should always be taken home for weekends, holidays, and vacations.


Instruments owned by the Westport Schools are maintained by the school system for normal repairs and normal wear-and-tear.  Parents of students who use school-owned instruments pay a set useage fee to help cover those needs. However, students will be held responsible for Instruments that are damaged, lost or stolen through student abuse or neglect.


Please take steps to ensure the maintenance, care and protection of your investment.  A well-cared-for musical instrument will be a joy upon which many life-skills and long-term enjoyment will be built.  Please speak to your child’s band or orchestra teacher if you have further questions.