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GFS students perform

a stick dance while choral groups engage audience participation in an Indian song at the 2019 Westport Youth Concert, Music of India.


The Mission of the Westport Public Schools is to prepare all students to reach
their full potential as life-long learners and socially responsible contributors to

our global community. In order for our  students to become responsible global citizens, then we must provide them with an understanding of the diversity and uniqueness of global cultures. The Arts serves as an integral component of a comprehensive strategy to assist in the development of a context for a global entrepreneurial initiative.


One example of this global initiative is The Westport Youth Concert, performed by Staples High School musicians as well as Middle School and Elementary groups. Themes exploring music and cultures from India and Southern Europe, for example, make connections to curricular threads such as language, literature, art,  geography, dance and of course music. Early in the year a comprehensive Classroom Guide is shared with educators to enable students to immerse themselves in the featured culture of the concert. View past Classroom Guides from India 2019.

Above: An example of the mandala art created by elementary students in connection with the 2019 Westport Youth Concert, Music of India. Right: The Staples High School Orphenians traveled to Australia and performed at the Sydney Opera House, summer 2018.